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2016-08-21 07:07:04 by HlihorAlecsandra

How you doin'?

A new drawing

2016-06-04 07:30:50 by HlihorAlecsandra

I'm working on a picture of a poppy field. It's a new theme for me and it's almost finished.

I will show it latter. So, see ya!



This is an art request from a friend of mine and he wanted to look like this. It wasn't easy to make it.This is a paint and here I used pencils, tempera and acrillic colours. You can find the picture in my gallery:

I also made some sketches with my theme "The Unknown Places" or soon it will be renamed "New City".



"The Unknown Places"


Lawrence Robertson and Miranda Wilson


Joe Rabbit and his cousin, Bella. Joe is a European rabbit and Bella is a Cottontail rabbit and they are cousins because of theyr familly and order.

It inspired me to do them because once I was thinking about The Year of the Rabbit and because I love the bunnies. They are so cute!


A sketch of the guardian of "The Unknown Places". He is not a bad guy and he never hurted someone. He can be on your side if you're kind and good. He can feel if you're a good person or bad one.


The Fire Monkey and the Desert Dancer.

Because we are in the Year of the Fire Monkey, I wanted to put a character with a fire monkey. He likes to play, is nice, he can be your friend but sometimes is naughty. He lives in the tropical forest of The Unknown Places. More details later.

The Desert Dancer is a woman, which is dancing with harmonious moves. She is very shy, peacefully and friendly, but is so shy that if she meet a stranger will run and hide. She lives in a small village, next to the city.

I will draw and write more about my story later.


It wasn't easy to make it.

Here I used the graphic perspective, math, pencil, marker, pen, acrillique colours, tempera colours and the brushes.

I spent two days to make it and this is the result! It's a new study and a new style.

Some pictures to see

2015-12-29 05:30:06 by HlihorAlecsandra






He is Lawrence Robertson (Larry)



Something important, amigos!

2015-12-29 05:15:25 by HlihorAlecsandra

                                                      When you want to comment my art, please:


  • Do NOT make stupid jokes, stupid comments about my artworks or something else which doesn't have something with my art
  • When I make "News Post" I show to you some news about my art, projects, new drawing styles, the tools I use
  • If you want to talk or to ask me something you can do via Messages or News Post, but ask normal questions and if you want about art and my art
  • So, you can critique my drawings but comment them in a smart way!


            That's all I wanted to say, I accept critiques and comments from you but not any kind of.


Merry Christmas!

2015-12-23 12:35:15 by HlihorAlecsandra


Merry Christmas, everyone! And have a Happy New Year full of joy and happiness!

Today I've made "White Imperial Peacock"

2015-12-20 08:59:07 by HlihorAlecsandra


          The quality of the picture is not really good, but you can find here:

I used a lot of tools (pencil,pen,marker,paint) and it resulted this! It's a new style and I wanted to try it on a new theme (actually an art request for another friend :)), but I wasn't sure how it would look like. So, I decided to make another theme with this style and I made this. What do you think amigos about it?

I'm back!

2015-12-18 07:19:20 by HlihorAlecsandra


















  I haven't been too active because I had a lot of work and homeworks to do. But now, I'm in holiday and I'm gonna draw more stuff! 


Some good news, amigos!

2015-11-12 15:11:51 by HlihorAlecsandra

I have done some scketches with Larry and Joe Rabbit. I have said that I will show you some drawings with Larry and Mirinda, but I will post them later. Not too late, of course :)).

Now I've got some good ideas with the two new adventure partners! You will see them in my gallery.

So, see ya!